Julie as therapist, teacher, and writer:

Being a victim of violence has affected my life in more ways than I
knew. Depression being one of them. Working with Julie as a
psychotherapist has helped me feel comfortable and safe having a body
and learn that having a body is an amazing gift. Healing is a process
and Julie trusts implicitly that the body can heal itself. She has
helped me to believe in my own process of healing and to trust that my
body knows how to heal itself. She creates a safe, gentle and joyous
space in which to heal and reclaim who you are. She is ever respectful
of who you truly are and can be. I am ever grateful for the work we
have done together. NS

I have read your chapter over several times. Each time I read it I
feel you are witnessing me again. Those movements and what was conveyed truly is the movement/dance of my life journey. just amazing. It is truly a personal gift to me AND to all who read and understand more
about movement as spiritual direction. so many thanks!!!! ES

I don't even know where to start...I am feeling very lucky to have had
you in my life in the past 2 years. You have supported me by
listening, witnessing, advising, holding tissue paper and just being
there with me and for me. I feel that you have seen me change and
grow. TBR

Thanks to Julie I can go forward into my life with a lot more assurance
and confidence in myself. DB


Body, Heart & Soul
Julie Leavitt