I practice body-centered psychotherapy. My background is a Masters degree in Expressive Therapies, primarily Dance/Movement Psychotherapy. This does not mean that we will necessarily dance. It does mean that I have the experience that the body is the container of all our positive and negative experiences. It is our expert witness when we do our work.

I offer these expressive approaches, as well as a form of somatic listening that involves sensory focusing, active imagination, and allowing the wisdom of the body to be experienced through the kinesthetic sense.

I work with adults who have a variety of personal issues. Depression, anxiety, trauma, body image, and identity are some of the questions and needs that people come to me to with. I have a spiritual orientation. This means that I see you as more than your problems. My commitment to you is to be as fully present as I can be and this calls for the kind of clarity that includes body,heart, mind, and soul.

I am available to do dance/movement therapy and authentic movement groups, as well.

My sessions are 50- 90 minutes. Longer sessions may be needed to respond to the type of work we are doing or to the need of the client. Occasionally, longer sessions are needed to respond to the need of a particular client. I usually see clients one time a week. Again, this varies according to need.

I ask for payment at time of service. Although I do not directly bill insurance companies, many of my clients successfully send my bill to their insurance companies for reimbursement. I ask for the kindness of a 24 hour cancellation. I will charge the usual fee if this is not honored.

Please call me as you search for the correct person to share this very personal work with.

I encourage people to interview a few therapists in order to get a sense of what your choices are, and who may feel the most comfortable for you to work with.

My office is at 53 Westchester Rd., Newtonville, MA 02458.



Body, Heart & Soul
Julie Leavitt